Sorrento Navy

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Note : Size are based on standard feet type , always see size detail for the best fit for your little one’s feet.

Size 22 ( 2 Years )
Insole 13.5 cm, Height Sole 1.2 cm
Height 7 – 8 cm

Size 23 ( 2 – 2.5 Years )
Insole 14.0 cm, Height Sole 1.2 cm
Height 7 – 8 cm

Size 24 ( 2.5 Years )
Insole 15.0 cm, Height Sole 1.2 cm
Height 7 – 8 cm

Size 25 ( 2.5 – 3.0 Years )
Insole 16.5 cm, Height Sole 1.2 cm
Height 7 – 8 cm

  • Synthetic Leather
  • Basic color :  Navy
  • Soft to skin
  • 100% man-made materials
    How to wash :

  • Spot clean by hand with a dry cloth gently
  • Use soft brush when needed

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Balmoral Kids brings you a good quality footwear and very comfortable for your Baby and Kids daily wear, Balmoral Kids strive to make every children wearing Balmoral Kids product happy, confident, and shine bright with positivity. Balmoral Kids have a wide range of footwear that will bring a variety of style for your little one’s, their basic design was so simple and on point that we sure every kids out there need one or more pairs for their outfit of the day which Balmoral can provide for every situation, from casual to formal, they have it in all their article!

Balmoral Kids menyediakan berbagai pilihan sepatu berkualitas dan sangat nyaman untuk Bayi & Anak anda, Balmoral Kids berusaha keras untuk membuat semua anak yang memakainya bahagia, percaya diri, dan memancarkan positivity. Balmoral Kids memiliki berbagai jenis sepatu anak yang akan membawa keberagaman style untuk si Kecil, dimulai dari basic design mereka yang sangat sederhana tapi tetap sasaran dan meyakinkan kami bahwa setiap anak akan membutuhkan satu atau dua pasang sepatu dari Balmoral Kids. Salah satu artikel yang diluncurkan Balmoral Kids adalah Sorrento Navy.

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