Brand:  Emico

Romper Mocha

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Size 0 – 6 Month
Chest 24 cm, Height 45 cm, Sleeve 8 cm

Size 6 – 12 Month
Chest 26 cm, Height 47 cm, Sleeve 9 cm

Size 12 – 18 Month
Chest 28 cm, Height 49 cm, Sleeve 10 cm

  • 95% TENCEL and 5% Elastan Materials
  • Basic color : Brown
  • Short romper
  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • YKK double zipper
  • Zipper cover to protects baby skins
  • Comfortable
    How to wash :

  • Machine wash at or below 40C
  • Medium temperature iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Normal dry clean


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Emico is an Indonesian brand that focused on newborn and babies clothing. They use the best material available in the market to ensure your little one comfort in their early days. Comfort is one of the most important thing for your babies clothing so they really took their craft and creativity with their design to make sure all of their apparel is easy to use, breathable, and soft as heaven said the cloud is. They are one of the specialist in this categories. They use cute and simple design that will make your Little One more and more adorable. Behind the comfort and mildness of every Emico product, there is a premium Tencel material used to ensure your Little One have the best possible mildness and comfort because your Little One is very precious.

Emico adalah merek pakaian Indonesia yang fokus membuat pakaian bayi. Emico menggunakan material terbaik yang ada di pasaran untuk menjamin kenyamanan buah hati anda di awal – awal masa pertumbuhan mereka. Kenyamanan adalah salah satu hal yang terpenting dari pakaian bayi, maka Emico mendesain hal ini dengan sangat serius untuk menjamin semua pakaian yang mereka buat mudah digunakan, adem, dan sangat lembut seperti awan di surga. Emico adalah salah satu spesialis dalam pembuatan pakaian bayi dimana dibalik kenyamanan tersebut Emico menggunakan bahan Tencel untuk produk-produk nya untuk memastikan kenyamanan dan kelembutan terbaik untuk buah hati anda. Salah satu artikel yang dibuat oleh Emico adalah Romper Mocha

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  • Moon Man IDR 60.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from Our Warehouse

    Size 1 – 2 Years
    Chest Width 31 cm, Height 42 cm

    Size 2 – 3 Years
    Chest Width 33 cm, Height 45 cm

    Size 4 – 5 Years
    Chest Width 35 cm, Height 47 cm

    Size 6 – 7 Years
    Chest Width 38 cm, Height 51 cm

    Size 7 – 8 Years
    Chest Width 40 cm, Height 52 cm

    Size 8 – 9 Years
    Chest Width 43 cm, Height 55 cm

    Size 10 – 11 Years
    Chest Width 46 cm, Height 58 cm

    • Cotton Combed materials
    • Basic color : Grey
    • Unisex
    • Short Sleeves

    How to wash :

    • Separate wash preferable for the first wash
    • Machine washable using lukewarm water
    • Do not bleach
    • Low heat ironing
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not tumble dry


  • -26%Limited
    Makuku Air Diapers Comfort + Pants XL32 3 pcs IDR 227.700 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from Our Warehouse

    Size XL ( 12 – 15 Month )
    Weight Recommendation 12-17 kg

    • Pants Type Diapers
    • Expired 2025
    • Anti-Clumping (With New Generation SAP Core Structure)
    • SAP is a hydrophilic polymer that has the ability to absorb up to 100 times from the weight itself
    • The absorption is even and the structure is very stable so it doesn’t clump and fall off
    • Your little one’s will feel light when moving
    • Fast and high absorption ratio to effectively reduce and prevent rash on your little one’s skin
    • Liquid locking mechanism to keep your little one’s dry for 8 hours
    • 2-Way circulation to prevent leaking, reduce heat, and moisture
    • ISO certified and passed the test of innovative scientific research to produce the best diaper for your little one’s


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  • Maple Leaf Play Mate Tosca IDR 285.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from Our Warehouse

    Width 68 cm, Length 108 cm

      • Cotton material
      • Basic color : Tosca
      • Soft and Comfortable
      • Comes with bag ( random color )
      • Reversible
      • Random color at the back side

    How to wash :

    • Hand wash
    • Do not Bleach


    In stock

  • Kyle Everyday Shorts Black IDR 109.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from our Warehouse

    Size S ( 1 – 2 Years )
    Waist 18 – 26 cm, Length 25 cm

    Size M ( 3 – 4 Years )
    Waist 21 – 33 cm, Length 27 cm

    Size L ( 5 – 6 Years )
    Waist 24 – 36 cm, Length 29 cm

    • Linen materials
    • Basic color : Black
      How to wash :

    • Avoid using machine
    • Gently hand-wash upside down with cold water
    • Neutral liquid detergent
    • Please do not rub when using stain-remover
    • Do not bleach


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