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Rainbow Arches

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All Size ( 12 month – 5 Years )
Height 18 cm, Length 36 cm, Width 7 cm

  • FSC-Certified Pinewood Material
  • Basic Color : Rainbow
  • 12 stack-able arches
  • Encourage children to sort, assemble and develop cognitively while enjoying imaginative free play
  • Discover all of the endless ways that the arches can be incorporated into play scenarios (as fences in farm scenes, as bridges and infrastructure in constructed towns or cities, as napping nooks for dolls and fluffy friends, and so much more)
  • Each arch is handmade, so if one doesn’t seem to fit quite right – try rotating it
  • The arches may have small, unique markings and patterns that are a result of their natural wooden composition

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To grow, we have to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, past our self-imposed limits and into environments and circumstances that oftentimes are unpredictable or awkward. We must be willing to venture bravely – without a second hand pushing us along, the promise of success outside of each failure or the security of life’s training wheels. Is it possible for little ones to learn this life lesson early on? We believe the answer is a resounding “yes!” With Kinderfeet sustainably-made, intentionally-designed collections that support physical and cognitive child development, children are given the tools they need to pave a path of independent, fearless adventure. One of the articel to help your little one’s grow is Rainbow Arches.

Untuk tumbuh, kita harus mendorong diri sendiri keluar dari zona nyaman kita sendiri, melewati batasan yang dibuat oleh diri sendir menuju ke lingkungan dan situasi yang seringkali tidak terprediksi. Kita harus mau untuk menjelajah dengan berani tanpa bantuan orang lain dan janji dari sebuah kesuksesan dari setiap kegagalan. Apakah mungkin si kecil dapat mempelajari pelajaran kehidupan dari masa kecil ? Kami yakain jawabanya adalah iya !. Dengan Kinderfeet semua hal tersebut dapat terwujud. Dengan Kinderfeet , si kecil diberikan alat untuk tumbuh secara mandiri. Salah satu artikel yang dapat membantu perkembangan si kecil adalah Rainbow Arches.

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