Brand: Little Folk

Mariposa Dress White

IDR 165.000


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Size XS ( 6 Month – 1 Years )
Bust 24 cm, Length 41 cm

Size S ( 1 – 2 Years )
Bust 28 cm, Length 46 cm

Size M ( 3 – 4 Years )
Bust 31 cm, Length 55 cm

Size L ( 5 – 6 Years )
Bust 34 cm, Length 64 cm

  • Cotton materials
  • Basic color : White
  • An elegant dress with flattering puff sleeves and pretty flower print design
  • Perfect for every occasions, from party dresses for special events to everyday casual
  • Finished off with ribbon details and zipper on the back
    How to wash :

  • Avoid using machine
  • Gently hand-wash upside down with cold water
  • Neutral liquid detergent
  • Please do not rub when using stain-remover
  • Do not bleach


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Little Folk is an Indonesian Brand that focused on babies and toddler apparel. They use a lot of unique material to encourage us to explore the beauty of those materials. Even though they use a lot of unique material, they didn’t forget about your little one comfort, all of their article is so comfy and breathable. Your little one will shine like a star wherever she/he goes. All of their article will bring your little one fashion game to the next level, but with an affordable price , they will became your favorite brand all the time. One of the article that Little Folk made is Mariposa Dress White.

Little Folk adalah merek Indonesia yang fokus membuat baju bayi dan balita. Mereka menggunakan bahan – bahan unik untuk membuat kita berani menjelajah keindahan bahan – bahan tersebut. Walaupun mereka banyak menggunakan bahan – bahan unik, Little Folk tetap memperhatikan kenyamanan buah hati anda, seluruh pakaian yang dibuat oleh Litte Folk sangat nyaman digunakan dan sangat adem. Buah hati anda akan bersinar kemanapun dia pergi. Seluruh artikel dari Little Folk akan membawa dan meningkatkan fashion anak anda ke level berikutnya tanpa mengosongkan kantong anda. Little Folk akan menjadi brand favorit anda sepanjang masa. Salah satu artikel yang dibuat oleh Little Folk adalah Mariposa Dress White.

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