Kimmy Dress Light Coral

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Size 9 Month ( 9 – 18 Month )
Chest Width 24 cm, Height 43 cm

Size 18 Month ( 18 Month – 3 Years )
Chest Width 27 cm, Height 47.5 cm

Size 3 Years ( 3 – 5 Years )
Chest Width 29 cm, Height 55 cm

Size 5 Years ( 5 – 6 Years )
Chest Width 32.5 cm, Height 62 cm

  • Cotton material
  • Basic color : Orange
    How to wash :

  • Machine wash cold with similar color
  • Dry low
  • Low iron
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean


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Bimbiekids Jakarta is Indonesian Brand that focused on making something cute as perfect as possible, every article made by Bimbiekids always pushing the boundaries to make your little one more and more adorable. Starting from their Hats collection which will make your Little One more charming and the apparel collection that is so simple yet very adorable for your Little One. Not only material and color selection that made Bimbiekids different, there is one simple game-changer that made Bimbiekids simply better which is the stitch neatness and precision. Combination of best quality material, simple and adorable design and stitch precision made all of Bimbiekids Article getting more and more comfortable after washing it many times.

Bimbiekids Jakarta adalah brand Indonesia yang fokus untuk membuat sesuatu yang lucu se-sempurna mungkin, produk-produk Bimbiekids Jakarta dibuat sedemikian rupa untuk membuat si Kecil terlihat semakin menggemaskan, dimulai dari Topi nya yang menawan, sampai koleksi outfitnya yang sangat sederhana dan akan membuat penampilan si Kecil semakin menggemaskan. Tidak hanya pemilihan bahan dan warna yang membuat Bimbiekids berbeda dengan produk lain, tetapi kerapihan dalam produksinya yang benar-benar dijaga dengan baik, kualitas dan kerapihan Bimbiekids dapat terlihat dari jahitan-jahitannya yang sangat rapih, kombinasi bahan yang unggul serta jahitan yang sangat rapi membuat produk-produk dari Bimbiekids semakin nyaman setelah berkali-kali dicuci. Salah satu artikel dari Bimbiekids adalah Kimmy Dress yang akan membuat penampilan si Kecil semakin menggemaskan saat bermain.

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  • Taqi Hat Broken White IDR 79.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from Our Warehouse

    One Size ( 6 – 24 Month)
    Head Circumference up to 50 cm

    • 100% Cotton Materials
    • Basic color : Broken White
    • Comfortable fabric for babies

    How to wash :

    • Separate wash preferable for the first wash
    • Hand wash
    • Do not bleach
    • Low heat ironing
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not tumble dry


    Only 1 left in stock

  • Haruka Bundle Brick IDR 100.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from our Warehouse

    Scrunch Clip Size Guide
    Width 2 cm, Length 6 cm

    Scrunch Band Size Guide
    Head Circumference 45 cm

    Scrunchie Size Guide
    Scrunchie Circumference 12 cm

    • Cotton Materials
    • Basic color : Brick
      How to wash :

    • Hand wash


    In stock

  • Lilou Dress Flamingo IDR 165.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from our Warehouse

    Size S ( 1 – 2 Years )
    Bust 27 cm , Length 53 cm

    Size M ( 3 – 4 Years )
    Bust 30 cm , Length 60 cm

    Size L ( 5 – 6 Years )
    Bust 33 cm , Length 70 cm

    • Linen materials
    • Basic color : Pink
    • Vintage Look

    How to wash :

    • Avoid using machine, gently hand-wash separately with cold water and neutral liquid detergent.
    • Please do not rub when using stain-remover.
    • Do not bleach.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • Cool iron at 110° C.


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