James’s Flamingo

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Recommended for 8+ Years

Assemble Dimensions
Length 17 cm, Width 6 cm, Height 6 cm

Packaging Dimensions
Length 22 cm, Width 16 cm, Height 5 cm

  • Plywood materials
  • Basic color : Natural wood and Peach
  • Number of parts : 26
  • Instruction manual
  • No need glue to assemble it
  • Each sheet of wood is available in pre – cut form and the parts can be removed easily
  • Introducing a simple motion mechanism
  • Suitable as a play activity that can be done by children and their parents
  • Educational toys that practice problem solving, hand-eye coordination, reading and thinking
  • Educate children about the types of animals, accompanied by an augmented reality card containing information about these animals
  • Apart from being a toy, it can be an attractive decoration when on display

Notes : Some parts sometimes require light sandpaper for easy assembly ( it comes in the toy package )

How to maintenance :

  • Do not store in a humid place and exposed to water


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Linkkar Automata is an Indonesian Brand that focused on making wooden toys that can move. How can they move ? Linkkar Automata made them with a little help of science and a dash of magical dust called creativity. Their wooden toy can be played by children aged 8 and up, even every parents out there would enjoy making and playing this toys. They sell it in a DIY Form. You don’t need any glue to assemble this toys, you only need a little bit of patience and voila , everybody will be able to enjoy this toys. One of the article that they made is James’s Flamingo.

Linkkar Automata adalah brand dari Indonesia yang fokus membuat mainan dari kayu yang dapat bergerak. Bagaimana cara mainan tersebut bergerak ? Linkkar Automata membuat mainan ini dapat bergerak dengan sedikit bantuan dari sains dan serbuk magis yang dinamakan kreativitas. Mainan kayu Linkkar Automata dapat dimainkan oleh anak – anak usia 8 tahun ke atas, bahkan setiap orang tua diluar sana akan menikmati membuat dan memainkan mainan ini. Linkkar Automata menjualnya dalam bentuk DIY. Untuk merakit mainan ini tidak diperlukan lem, yang diperlukan hanyalah sedikit kesabaran dan voila, semua orang akan dapat menikmati mainan ini. Salah satu artikel yang dibuat oleh Linkkar Automata adalah James’s Flamingo.

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