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3D Children Mask Elephant ( 10pcs/box )

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All Size ( 1 – 5 Years )
Height 8 cm, Width 9 cm
Strap ( Adjustbale ) 16.5 cm

  • 4 ply Non woven and Electrostatic cotton material
  • Basic color : white
  • Ministry of Health Reg Number : FR.03.02/VA/04657/2022
  • 1st ply Non-woven fabric 70g
  • 2nd ply Electrostatic Cotton 45g
  • 3rd ply Electrostatic Cotton 45g
  • 4th ply Non-woven fabric 35g
  • 3D Protective kids mask with cute characters
  • Breathable
  • Perfectly covers mouth and nose area
  • Adjustable strap
    How to store and use :

  • Place mask in well-ventilated environment
  • Keep away from sunlight, heat and pollution
  • Best keep at -20 degree up to 40 degree celsius
  • Non Washable
  • Dispose mask after use


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Yori and Co is and indonesian brand that brings the cutest and most adorable mask for your loved one. 4 ply Non woven and electrostatic cotton material will surely made your little one’s safe from any harms way. The basic color of this mask is white, so you know when to replace it. Yori and Co now have a registered Ministry of Health Number : FR.03.02/VA/04657/2022 so it was tested and measured by a professional to meet Ministry of Health standard. the 1st ply Non-woven fabric 70g, The 2nd ply Electrostatic Cotton 45g. The 3rd ply Electrostatic Cotton 45g, and the 4th ply Non-woven fabric 35g. Yori and Co mask design is so cute and adorable, your little one will love using it all the time. One of the article that they bring is 3D Children Mask Elephant ( 10pcs/box ).

Yori and Co adalah brand indonesia yang membawa masker terlucu dan termenggemaskan untuk buat hati anda. Masker dengan 4 lapis dengan bahan katun elektrostatik yang pastinya akan menjaga buah hati anda dari segala macam penyakit di luar sana. Warna putih dari masker ini sangat lucu sehingga dengan mudah dicek dan diganti ketika kotor. Yori and Co sudah terdaftar di Kementrian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia dengan nomor registrasi FR.03.02/VA/04657/2022 sehingga aman digunakan buah hati anda. Salah satu artikel yang mereka bawa adalah  3D Children Mask Elephant ( 10pcs/box ).

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