Sunset Set

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Size  1 – 2 Years
Top : Chest Width 32 cm, Length 41 cm
Bottom : Length 31 cm

Size  2 – 3 Years
Top : Chest Width 33 cm, Length 42 cm
Bottom : Length 32 cm

Size 3 – 4 Years
Top : Chest Width 35 cm, Length 44 cm
Bottom : Length 35 cm

Size 4 – 5 Years
Top : Chest Width 37 cm, Length 49 cm
Bottom : Length 38 cm

  • Cotton materials
  • Basic color : Orange and Blue
  • Set of top and bottom
    How to wash :

  • Avoid using machine
  • Gently hand-wash upside down with cold water
  • Neutral liquid detergent
  • Please do not rub when using stain-remover
  • Do not bleach


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Brill the Fox is crafted with love for your brilliant little ones!, Brill the Fox product range for toddler (age 1-5 years old), these little human are on their cuteness golden age and Brill thoughtfully design clothes that will support toddler creativity, activity, imagination and movements as the toddler age is very adaptable to their surroundings and the smartest stage in human life. As do red foxes, known for their adaptability and smart behavior in English tales, so Brill the Fox present you this line of amazing product!. Above all, Brill the Fox creatively made clothes from what they can get in his surroundings and get help from their humble friends, Brill the Fox offer locally made clothes that involves small business and make sure that this collaboration grow together sustainably.

Brill the Fox dirancang dengan penuh cinta dan kasih sayang untuk si Kecil!, Brill the Fox produk dibuat untuk anak berumur 1 – 5 tahun atau masa-masa keemasan si Kecil dan Brill dengan sangat teliti merancang pakaian yang akan mendukung kreatifitas, aktivitas, imajinasi dan pergerakan si Kecil pada masa todder yang sangat adaptatif terhadap suasana sekitar dan sekaligus masa-masa paling cerdas dalam pertumbuhannya. Seperti Rubah yang dikenal dengan adaptabilitas dan kecerdasannya di cerita-cerita kanak-kanak, Brill the Fox mengambil semangat itu untuk membuat produk-produknya! salah satu artikel yang diluncurkan Brill the Fox adalah Sunset Set


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