Brand:  Petita Petito

Flamingo Mini Shoes

IDR 95.000


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Size S ( 0 – 6 Months )
Insole Length 11 cm, Shoe height 5 cm

Size M ( 6 – 12 Months )
Insole Length 12,5 cm, Shoe height 5 cm

Size L ( 12 – 18 Months )
Insole Length 14 cm, Shoe height 5 cm

  • Canvas linen material
  • Basic color : Pink
  • Certified Oeko-Tex 100 Textile Ink
  • Very safe for sensitive skin
  • Environmental friendly
  • Layer of natural foam to give maximum comfort
  • Flexible to leet your little one feet develop naturally
  • Color and design that can stimulate your little one mind
  • Elastic collar for secure fit
  • Rubber-based suede soft soles
  • Anti-slip

How to wash :

  • Hand wash
  • Reshape after wash
  • Do not dry under direct sun


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Who can resist the cuteness of a baby with a cute and adorable pair of baby shoes? we think nobody can do that, everybody will go “aawww….” anytime a baby comes with a cute pair of baby shoes. That’s why Petita Petito wants to make the cutest and the most adorable baby shoes ever made. But not just that, the most important things for a baby is comfort, so Petita Petito uses premium canvas linen fabric with certified textile ink Oeko-Tex 100 which is very safe for sensitive skin and will ensure your little one comfortable all day long. The layer of natural foam will add more comfort for your little one. Petita Petito uses rubber-based suede for the soft soles that give the shoe slip resistant and has absolute flexibility to let your little one feet develop and grow naturally. Petita Petito uses a lot of colors that stimulate your little one minds in every of their shoes design. The elastic collar on shoes will secure the shoes on your little one feet. One of the article that Petita Petito made is Flamingo Mini Shoes.

Siapa yang bisa menahan diri melihat bayi dengan sepatu kecil yang lucu dan menggemaskan ? kami pikir tidak ada yang bisa menahan diri dan pastinya semua orang akan mengeluarkan suara “aawww….” ketika bayi datang menggunakan sepasang sepatu kecil yang lucu. Itulah alasa Petita Petito ingin membuat sepatu bayi yang lucu dan menggemaskan. Tidak hanya itu, hal paling penting untuk bayi adalah kenyamanan, maka dari itu Petita Petito menggunakan bahan kanvas premium dengan tinta Oeko-Tex 100 yang aman digunakan oleh bayi yang memiliki kulit sensitif dan akan menjamin kenyamanan si kecil sepanjang hari. Lapisan busa alami akan memberikan kenyamanan ekstra untuk si kecil. Petita Petito menggunakan sol lembut dari bahan suede yang memberikan ketahanan terhadap permukaan licin dan mememiliki fleksibilitas tinggi untuk menjamin perkembangan kaki si kecil secara alami. Petita Petito menggunakan warna dan desain yang dapat menstimulasi perkembangan otak si kecil. Kerah sepatu elastis akan menjamin sepatu tetap berada di kaki si kecil. Salah satu artikel yang Petita Petito buat adalah Flamingo Mini Shoes.

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    Harumi Skirt Green IDR 195.000 IDR 146.250 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


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    S Size ( 18 Months )
    Waist Width 19 cm, Height 39 cm

    M Size ( 2 Years )
    Waist Width 20 cm, Height 42 cm

    L Size ( 3 Years )
    Waist Width 21 cm, Height 47 cm

    XL Size ( 4 Years )
    Waist Width 22 cm, Height 50 cm

    XXL Size ( 5 Years )
    Waist Width 23 cm, Height 54 cm

    • Cotton Materials
    • Basic color : Green
    • Comfortable for children

    How to wash :

    • Use cold water when using wash machine
    • Don’t use bleach
    • Medium iron
    • Don’t squeeze it
    • Wash dry


  • -15%LIMITED
    Violet Garden Reversible Blanket IDR 189.000 IDR 160.650 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from Our Warehouse

    Blanket Size
    Length 100 cm, Width 80 cm

    • Soft cotton material
    • Basic color : Purple
    • Reversible blanket
    • Very soft material
    • All size, until 3 Years old.
    • Very suitable for a gift

    How to wash :

    • Cold machine wash
    • Do not bleach
    • Low heat tumble dry
    • Low heat iron


    In stock

  • Tropical Jungle Mini Square Backpack IDR 249.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from Our Warehouse

    Bag Size ( 4 – 10 Years )
    Height 10 cm, Width 21 cm, Length 29 cm

    • Polyester Fabric Printing material
    • Basic color : Black and Red
    • Strong and sturdy fabric
    • Include name tag ( Parrot )
    • Waterproof
    • YKK zipper
    • There is a laptop pocket inside
    • Side pocket for water bottle
    • Adjustable webbing straps
    • Carry handle

    How to wash :

    • Hand wash
    • Do not bleach


    Only 2 left in stock

  • Colorful Cactus Coverall Blue IDR 105.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from our Warehouse

    Size New Born
    Child Height 55 cm, Weight 4.5 kg

    Size 0 – 3 Month
    Height 57 cm, Weight 6 kg

    Size 3 – 6 Month
    Child Height 62 cm, Weight 8 kg

    Size 6 – 9 Month
    Child Height 69 cm, Weight 9.5 kg

    Size 9 – 12 Month
    Child Height 71 cm, Weight 11.5 kg

    Size 12 – 18 Month
    Child Height 78 cm, Weight 13.5 kg

    Size 18 – 24 Month
    Child Height 84 cm, Weight 15.5 kg

    • 100% Cotton USA materials
    • Basic color : White and blue
    • Long sleeves
    • Durable
    • Soft comfortable
    • Stretch

    How to wash :

    • Do not use machine wash
    • Do not bleach
    • Low heat ironing
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not tumble dry


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