Bunny & Elephant Swaddle

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  • Cotton premium materials
  • Basic color : Beige
  • Can be use as swaddle or blanket
  • Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Baby elephant and bunny embroidery
  • Use the best material
  • Wearable blanket can reduce the risk of SIDS and Hip Dysplasia

How to wash :

  • Machine wash warm and wash dark colours separately
  • Close zipper and turn inside out before washing
  • Gentle cycle
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron


Bun and Ele is an Indonesian brand that focused on making wearable blanket. They believed that the sleep qualities is the key to your little one growth. This is the solution for that , with wearable blanket , your little one will always warm inside Bun & Ele wearable blanket. Beside warmth , using Bun & Ele product will reduce the risk of SIDS and Hip Dysplasia on your little one. The material that they used in their product is one of the best material available in the market. Bun & Ele will ensure your little one comfort all night long. This is one of the best wearable blanket available in Indonesia. One of the article is Bunny & Elephant Swaddle.

Bun and Ele adalah brand Indonesia yang fokus membuat selimut yang dapat dipakai seperti baju. Bun & Ele percaya bahwa kualitas tidur adalah kunci dari pertumbuhan buah hati anda. Maka dari itu , Bun & Ele memproduksi selimut  yang dapat dipakai si kecil. Buah hati anda akan selalu hangat di pelukan selimut Bun & Ele. Selain kehangatan, selimut Bun & Ele akan mengurangi resiko SIDS dan Hip Dysplasia pada si kecil. Material yang di guanakan dalam setiap produk Bun & Ele adalah salah satu material terbaik yang ada di pasaran. Bun & Ele akan menjamin kenyamanan buah hati anda sepanjang malam. Bun & Ele adalah salah satu produsen terbaik yang membuat selimut yang dapat di gunakan seperti baju di Indonesia. Salah satu artikelnya adalah Bunny & Elephant Swaddle.

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Bun & Ele – Swaddle