Bowling Ball and Pins Wooden Toys Natural

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  • Dutch Teak Materials
  • Basic color : Natural Wood Color
  • Soft Wooden Surface
  • Set of 6 pins and 1 ball


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Welcome to the world of imagination and creativity for your little one, is Indonesian brand that dedicated their product to make your little ones childhood more fun, memorable and full of joy!, the toys that launched by is made from Teak Wood that have been smoothed and coated with very thin smooth material which made this toys safe for your little one. Products that launched by is very unique and each of them have a very distinctive playing experience for your little ones, starting from little wooden bowling for playing with parents, siblings or friends, until balancing toys which have a unique playing experience to arrange the toys as high as possible!

Selamat datang di dunia imajinasi dan kreativitas si Kecil, adalah brand Indonesia yang mendedikasikan produknya untuk membuat masa kecil si Buah Hati semakin menyenangkan, berkesan, dan penuh perkembangan!, mainan-mainan yang diluncurkan oleh terbuat kayu teak yang sudah dihaluskan dan dilapisi sehingga aman dimainkan oleh si Kecil. Produk-produk yang dikeluarkan sangat unik dan masing-masing memiliki pengalaman bermain berbeda bagi si Kecil, mulai dari bowling kayu untuk bermain bersama orangtua, saudara, atau teman-temannya, sampai balancing toys yang masing-masing sudah bisa dimainkan namun bisa digabungkan untuk tantangan baru bagi si Kecil untuk menyusun mainan setinggi-tinggi nya! Mainan-mainan dari tidak hanya menyenangkan bagi si Kecil tapi juga dapat memberikan suasana hangat dan seru ditengah keluarga.

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    Makuku Air Diapers Slim Tape S38 IDR 84.900 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from Our Warehouse

    Size S ( 1 – 3 Month )
    Weight Recommendation 4-8 kg

    • Adhesive Type : Tape
    • Expired 2025
    • Anti-Clumping (With New Generation SAP Core Structure)
    • SAP is a hydrophilic polymer that has the ability to absorb up to 100 times from the weight itself
    • The absorption is even and the structure is very stable so it doesn’t clump and fall off
    • 1.6 mm thickness, to reduce the feeling of foreign object on your little one’s and help to make sure your little one’s comfort in daily activities and sleep.
    • Fast and high absorption ratio to effectively reduce and prevent rash on your little one’s skin
    • Liquid locking mechanism to keep your little one’s dry for 8 hours
    • 3D design to as soft as mother’s touch and to improve air circulation up to 60%
    • Wet indicator to make parenting life easier to check if the diapers is already at full capacity
    • Roll tape to make diaper disposal easier
    • Heat press side (only for pants type diapers) as a double-sided connector using an ultrasonic device to make the surface soft and help to reduce friction on your little one’s waist
    • Environmental Management System standard: ISO 14001:2015 certified
    • Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard: ISO 45001:2018 certified
    • Quality Management System standard : GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 certified


    In stock

  • Mecca Kids Sage IDR 149.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from Our Warehouse

    Size S ( 2 – 3 Years )
    Chest 32 cm, Front Height 65 cm, Back Height 48 cm

    Size M ( 3  – 4 Years )
    Chest 34 cm, Front Height 70 cm, Back Height 52 cm

    Size L ( 4 – 5 Years )
    Chest 36 cm, Front Height 74 cm, Back Height 55 cm

    Size XL ( 5 – 6 Years )
    Chest 38 cm, Front Height 78 cm, Back Height 58 cm

    • Textured Linen materials
    • Basic color : Sage
      How to wash :

    • Machine wash cold with similar color
    • Dry low
    • Low iron
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not dry clean


  • Gingham Set Girl Broken White & Khaki IDR 189.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from Our Warehouse

    Size 6 – 12 Month
    Top : Chest Width 28 cm, Height 35 cm
    Bottom : Waist 25 cm, Height 25 cm

    Size 1 – 2  Years
    Top : Chest Width 30 cm, Height 39 cm
    Bottom : Waist 26 cm, Height 29 cm

    Size 2 – 3 Years
    Top : Chest Width 33 cm, Height 43 cm
    Bottom : Waist 27 cm, Height 33 cm

    • Cotton Materials
    • Basic color : White & Khaki
    • Top with short sleeves
    • Peter pan collar with ruffles
    • Short pants with slits
      How to wash :

    • Machine wash cold with similar color
    • Dry Low
    • Medium iron temperature
    • Neutral liquid detergent
    • Do not rub when using stain-remover


  • Ayo Main Layangan Grey IDR 89.000 Sold By: Kiddiposh House


    Shipping from Our Warehouse

    Size 4 ( 3 – 4 Years )
    Chest Width 35 cm, Height 45 cm

    Size 6 ( 5 – 6 Years )
    Chest Width 37 cm, Height 46.5 cm

    Size 8 ( 7 – 8 Years )
    Chest Width 39 cm, Height 48.5 cm

    Size 10 ( 8 – 9 Years )
    Chest Width 41 cm, Height 50 cm

    Size 12 ( 9 – 10 Years )
    Chest Width 43 cm, Height 53 cm

    Size 14 ( 11 – 12 Years )
    Chest Width 45 cm, Height 56 cm

    • Cotton Combed  materials
    • Basic color : Grey
    • Ayo Main The Serries
    • Designed by Nai Rinaket
    • Unisex
    • Folk game theme
    • Body fit
    • Comfortable and high sweat absorbent
    • Suitable for playing outside or home wear
    • Made in Indonesia
      How to wash :

    • Separate wash preferable for the first wash
    • Machine washable using lukewarm water
    • Do not bleach
    • Low heat ironing
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not tumble dry


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