Ayo Main Balap Karung Black

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Size 4 ( 3 – 4 Years )
Chest Width 35 cm, Height 45 cm

Size 6 ( 5 – 6 Years )
Chest Width 37 cm, Height 46.5 cm

Size 8 ( 7 – 8 Years )
Chest Width 39 cm, Height 48.5 cm

Size 10 ( 8 – 9 Years )
Chest Width 41 cm, Height 50 cm

Size 12 ( 9 – 10 Years )
Chest Width 43 cm, Height 53 cm

Size 14 ( 11 – 12 Years )
Chest Width 45 cm, Height 56 cm

  • Cotton Combed  materials
  • Basic color : Black
  • Ayo Main The Serries
  • Designed by Nai Rinaket
  • Unisex
  • Folk game theme
  • Body fit
  • Comfortable and high sweat absorbent
  • Suitable for playing outside or home wear
  • Made in Indonesia
    How to wash :

  • Separate wash preferable for the first wash
  • Machine washable using lukewarm water
  • Do not bleach
  • Low heat ironing
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry


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Little Beescout is an Indonesian clothing brand that emphasizes boys and girl apparel brand. Little Beescout is designed timeless, stylish and trendier in each season. Little Beescout is well handcrafted with comfortable high-quality material, makes every child that wears it looks fashionable for every occasion. Ayo Main Balap Karung Black is one of Little Beescout T- shirt article that uses cotton material. The material was choosen to ensure your little one comfort all day long. It has a white color combined with cute design. This shirt will make your little one will be the center of attention anywhere he goes. This shirt can be combined with any of your little one’s bottoms.

Little Beescout adalah brand pakaian anak Indonesia yang fokus pada pakaian anak laki-laki dan pakaian anak perempuan. Little Beescout didesain abadi, stylish dan trendi di setiap musim. Little Beescout dibuat dengan bahan berkualitas tinggi yang nyaman, membuat setiap anak yang memakainya terlihat modis di setiap aktivitas. Ayo Main Balap Karung Black adalah salah satu artikel Kaos dari Little Beescout yang menggunakan bahan katun. Bahan katun dipilih untuk menjamin kenyamanan si kecil sepanjang hari. Kaos ini memiliki warna putih dan dikombinasikan dengan desain yang lucu. Kemeja ini akan membuat si kecil menjadi pusat perhatian kemanapun dia pergi. Kemeja ini dapat dikombinasikan dengan semua celana si kecil.

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